To help ease your estimating workload we can provide a full estimating service, including management of your subcontractor & supplier quotes. This is a fully customisable service built to suit your specific needs.

Provide us with your preferred subcontractors & suppliers (these are kept highly confidential).

We’ll handle the calling, emailing and scoping requirements.

We’ll chase your contacts to ensure quote deadlines are met.

Quotes are analysed and incorporated into our estimate.

All received quotes are included into our work submission for you to review.

The Value of Building Tender Services

Homeowners, small businesses, and institutions often have to renovate existing premises or build new workshops or classrooms. Yet, they rarely have the necessary knowledge to accurately formulate the requirements and assess the contents of tenders, mainly because it is not their primary field of business. Building tender services is our business, and we will assist you with the process from start to finish.

What You Gain by Using Us For Tender Services in Australia

Modern legal systems often emphasise equal opportunity and overall transparency when it comes to the tender process. Ignoring these requirements can have severe financial repercussions for an institution and business. It is also of extreme importance when contractors are seeking suitable sub-contractors before bidding on tenders. We help you with the whole tender process and make sure that your procurement procedure is fully compliant.

  • Quality tender services always start with a basic assessment of the material take-off estimate. With this, suppliers and contractors know what we expect of them, and it prevents a ping-pong game of adjustments. Suppliers often provide discounts based on volume or the inclusion of certain other, specific products to the materials list. Only once we are satisfied that the material take-off accurate reflects the architectural or engineering plans will we proceed to the next step.
  • Homeowners, contractors and institutions often have a list of preferred service providers, and when dealing with the government, there is often a list of barred contractors and suppliers. We confidentially contact the preferred contractors and suppliers and present them with tender documents to complete and timeously submit for assessment.
  • We actively ensure that all suppliers and contractors submit their quotes before deadline, leaving us enough time to process the information. We do all the emailing and calling and will accurately note any reasons why a specific contractor declines to respond. We also discuss any problems regarding suitable contractors and suppliers with our client well before this deadline and make relevant suggestions for alternative or additional suppliers and quotes.
  • The quotes are meticulously analysed and assessed. Our objective is to provide our clients with the best possible material at the lowest yet fair prices. Similarly with the contractors, as we fully realise that your sub-contractor today may be a new client for us tomorrow. We incorporate the qualifying estimates in your tender proposal or the costing analysis for the project, and we always include all the other projections in the document for review.

TCA Estimating offers accurate building tendering services. We are a force in the building industry and are well-known for our meticulous and precise material take-off and estimating service across Australia. Our estimates and reports are compatible with the standard software used in the industry, which enables our clients to integrate our work with their reports and presentations successfully. We also follow a project through to completion, which shows our clients that we stand behind our estimates tendering services.

Contact us today, and we’ll discuss your requirement for tender services in Brisbane and the rest of Australia.