tender management

Need a hand with your estimating? We’d love to help out.

Brickworks Park completed project

Your Subby & Supplier Pricing

An estimate incorporating your preferred subbies & suppliers pricing comes with less risk than a rated bill of quantities. By incorporating estimates from the subbies & suppliers who will complete the work you know first hand how much the work should cost.  


We'll do the Chasing

During these busy times it can be time consuming to chase quotes. We’re happy to manage the process of requesting, chasing and analysing. We’ll handle the calling, emailing, scoping and analysis to ensure you have pricing coverage from your preferred subcontractors and suppliers.

Nightingale Bowden completed project
Dickson Village Shopping Centre⁠ completed project

We'll do the Analysis

We’ll run a thorough analysis of each quote to ensure its suitability and scope coverage before applying it to an estimate. Any uncertantities will be clarified directly with your subbies & suppliers. 

We'll Collaborate

With our work complete we’ll run you through the quotes received, those used in the estimate and any uncertanties to address with your client. We’ll follow our standard handover process to ensure you have a great understanding of the job and what we’ve allowed. 

Wearne Heritage Building completed project

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