TCA have completed work on over 4000 commercial and residential projects of all sizes, throughout Australia. 

See below a sample of our work. 


Cairns Mental Unit completed project

PROJECT: Cairns Mental Unit

TRADE: Concrete

LOCATION: Cairns North, QLD

We’re currently working through a measure of the formwork, reinforcement & concrete package on the Cairns Mental Unit. This will be our second estimate on the project due to design development after our original submission back in March.

Ripples Leisure Centre completed project

PROJECT: Ripples Leisure Centre

TRADE: Painting


We’re currently working through a measure of the painting package at the Ripples Leisure Centre in St Marys, Sydney for a new client.

Congratulations to all of our Sydney clients finally coming out of lockdown!

Snowy Mountain Grammar School completed project

PROJECT: Snowy Mountain Grammar School

TRADE: Civil

LOCATION: Jindabyne, NSW

We recently completed a civil estimate on the Snowy Mountains Grammar School. This package included a full civil scope of bulk earthworks, storm water, retaining walls, pavements and in ground services. While many estimators shy away from civil works, we handle all trades on projects of all sizes through Australia.

Kangaroo Point Townhouses completed project

PROJECT: Kangaroo Point Townhouses

TRADE: Builder

LOCATION: Kangaroo Point, QLD

We’re currently working through a complete estimate on these multi-level townhouses in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane. With only a preliminary design available we’re assisting with early budgeting from which further work will be completed as the design develops. We love getting involved earlier and seeing a project develop like this.

Kingsford Terrace completed project

PROJECT: Kingsford Terrace

TRADE: Waterproofing


We recently completed a measure of the waterproofing package to this multi-building development. While this may seem like an “easier” trade to understand, each has unique intricacies that we’ve picked up through collaboration with our clients throughout the years. Turns out you learn a few things over 4500 jobs!

Long Island Brisbane completed project

PROJECT: Long Island Brisbane

TRADE: Ceilings & Partitions


We’re currently working through a very detailed ceilings & partitions measure on the next stage of the Long Island Brisbane precinct in Newstead, Brisbane. This development is of the highest quality and has required close collaboration between team TCA, our client and the project’s architect. Another development we can’t wait to see completed.

Proserpine Entertainment Centre completed project

PROJECT: Proserpine Entertainment Centre

TRADE: Blockwork

LOCATION: Proserpine, QLD

We’re loving the design of the new Proserpine Entertainment Centre which is currently under construction. We helped a couple of our regular clients with takeoffs and estimating on this one and can’t wait to see it come to reality.

Waverley Bowling Club completed project

PROJECT: Waverley Bowling Club

TRADE: Cladding


We recently completed a detailed cladding measure on the Waverley Bowling Club development in Sydney. This major redevelopment consists of five buildings each with a unique design and various cladding types throughout. Despite the lockdowns in NSW and Victoria we’re seeing plenty of projects like this come through our door. Hopefully not long before we’re allowed to visit them too!

One Subiaco completed project

PROJECT: One Subiaco

TRADE: Rendering

LOCATION: Subiaco, West Australia

We’re proud to work on jobs throughout Australia such as this beauty in Perth – One Subiaco. We measured the rendering package for a long term client and helped clean up some of the design discrepancies with our notes and assumptions made in the initial tender submission. It was great to see the project team address our queries in revised design work to allow a thorough final tender response. 

Newstead Tower completed project

PROJECT: Newstead Tower

TRADE: Formwork


We love a good highrise and this one’s a beauty in Newstead, Brisbane! We recently completed a measure of the formwork package and with varying floorplates to each level it certainly gave us a good challenge.

Morayfield Clubhouse completed project

PROJECT: Morayfield Clubhouse

TRADE: Builder

LOCATION: Morayfield, Queensland

We recently completed a full estimate to assist one of our favourite commercial builder’s with their tender for this clubhouse in Morayfield. This is one of several projects completed for the client over the past few weeks to help keep their in house estimating team sane during this busy period.

If your estimators are struggling to handle the workload feel free to give us a call, we’re always happy to help.

Carina Townhouses completed project

PROJECT: Carina Townhouses

TRADE: Blockwork

LOCATION: Carina Heights, QLD

Despite the recent lockdowns and restrictions, we’re still seeing strong demand for quality residential projects like this townhouse development in Carina. We recently completed a measure here for a repeat client and can’t wait to see construction begin.

Fig Tree Pocket Home completed project

PROJECT: Fig Tree Pocket Home

TRADE: Builder

LOCATION: Fig Tree Pocket, QLD

Earlier this year, we completed a full estimate on this beautiful renovation at Fig Tree Pocket, Brisbane. With only preliminary drawings available and a detailed requirement to add an additional level at the centre of the house, the TCA team used our previous experiences to piece together an initial budget. We love to see projects at an early design stage to help guide further changes and client consultation, no doubt this home will look great once complete.

Palm Beach Apartments completed project

PROJECT: Palm Beach Apartments

TRADE: Formwork


We recently completed a detailed measure of the formwork package to this beachfront apartment development on the Gold Coast. What a view to wake up to in the morning!

South City Stage 5 completed project

PROJECT: South City Stage 5

TRADE: Blockwork

LOCATION: Woolloongabba, Brisbane

Earlier this year, we completed a detailed measure on the blockwork & brickwork at stage 5 of this multi-stage project in Woolloongabba, Brisbane. We’ve been lucky enough to see each stage of this development land on our desk and measured several trades on it over the past five years.

Weststate Private Hospital completed project

PROJECT: Weststate Private Hospital

TRADE: Ceilings and Partitions


We recently completed an estimate on the ceilings, partitions & cladding packages at Weststate Private Hospital in West End, Brisbane. This project includes the fitout of a newly built hospital as well as the refurbishment of the existing heritage building next door. On a tight timeframe and with two complex stages this one took all of team TCA’s expertise but we submitted it on time allowing our client a good chance to review and submit their tender stress free. This $55m project will be a great addition to the ever-growing West End area and hopefully a successful project for our client too.

Randwick Residences completed project

PROJECT: Randwick Residences

TRADE: Builder


We recently assisted one of our favourite clients with a full estimate on this beautiful project at Randwick in Sydney. No doubt there’ll be some great views from the roof terrace and we’re loving that stone facade.

Spring Hill Offices completed project

PROJECT: Spring Hill Offices

TRADE: Formwork


We recently completed an estimate on the formwork package at this Spring Hill office building in Brisbane. We’re loving the unique shape and facade, even if it did make our estimate a little more complicated!

Taylor Townhouses completed project

PROJECT: Taylor Townhouses

TRADE: Tiling


We recently completed a tiling & waterproofing measure on this townhouse project in Taylor, ACT. With 28 townhouses spread across 3 blocks and varying finishes throughout, this job took quite a bit of work. The marked-up drawings will come in handy during construction on this one.

Macleod Residence competed project

PROJECT: Macleod Residence

TRADE: Builder

LOCATION: Melbourne, VIC

We’re currently working through a full estimate of this beautiful home in Macleod, Melbourne. As the economy has boomed throughout Australia over the past six months, we’ve seen a record number of residential projects through our doors. While the recent lockdowns may have knocked confidence a little, we’re still seeing strong demand in all states for high-end residential jobs like this.

Hobart Hospital completed project

PROJECT: Hobart Hospital

TRADE: Ceilings & Partitions

LOCATION: Hobart, Tasmania

At TCA, we love a challenge and find very few jobs more complicated than a hospital. Often with large floor plates, specific details for every room and several sets of documents for each trade. These kinds of jobs take a lot of work but with experience, our team have risen to the challenge and worked on hospitals throughout Australia. This project in Hobart, Tasmania provided a unique challenge with a lot of materials being shipped from Melbourne leaving no margin for error in our work. We worked alongside our client for a number of months and received great feedback upon completion.

Nova City completed project

PROJECT: Nova City

TRADE: Painting


Last year, we completed estimates on the FRP concrete and painting packages at the seven-tower, Nova City development in the heart of Cairns. It’s great to see the progression of projects from concept to reality and while this one has been a slow burn for the Cairns community, we’re sure it’ll be worth the wait.

Faith Christian Church completed project

PROJECT: Faith Christian Church

TRADE: Cladding

LOCATION: Dandenong North, VIC

We’re currently working through a measure of the tiling & waterproofing package for this project at Bokarina Beach on the Sunshine Coast. We’re assisting one of our repeat clients with a full estimate and tender submission service to give them maximum support and allow them to focus on managing their works on site.

Cranbrook School Redevelopment completed project

PROJECT: Cranbrook School Redevelopment

TRADE: Ceilings & Partitions

LOCATION: Bellevue Hill, NSW

Last year we completed a measure of the ceilings & partitions package at the Cranbrook School redevelopment in Sydney. This $125m project consisted of work throughout the school to both new & existing areas. With a detailed breakdown of quantities, our client was able to easily split their pricing into a stage by stage estimate. This kind of information is invaluable when tendering on a job like this and gives our clients the best chance possible at a successful tender.

Stafford Residence completed project

PROJECT: Stafford Residence

TRADE: Blockwork


While we’re privileged to work on some of Australia’s largest jobs, we enjoy working for clients of all sizes, throughout Australia. We’re currently working through the blockwork & brickwork measure of this project in Stafford, Brisbane for one of our favourite clients.

Newcastle Knights Centre completed project

PROJECT: Newcastle Knights Centre

TRADE: Landscaping

LOCATION: Broadmeadow, NSW

While we’d rather forget this week’s State of Origin. We love this Newcastle Knights Centre of Excellence project which we completed a full landscaping estimate on last year. This project is due for completion in September 2021.

Omnia Palm Beach completed project

PROJECT: Omnia Palm Beach

TRADE: Waterproofing


We’re currently working through the measure of the waterproofing package on this apartment development in Palm Beach on the Gold Coast. While trades such as waterproofing may seem simple, every aspect of a job has intricacies that are learnt through experience and working with the experts. We love to learn from our clients and having completed over 4,000 projects we’ve learnt a lot along the way.

Argyle New Farm completed project

PROJECT: Argyle New Farm

TRADE: Ceilings & Partitions


We’re currently working through an internal fitout measure of Argyle New Farm. This project may only be 6 storeys but the ultra-luxury apartments are some of the most detailed we’ve ever seen. Luckily we love a challenge! It’s a pleasure to work on iconic projects like this in our hometown.

Meridian Miranda completed project

PROJECT: Meridian Miranda

TRADE: Concrete


Last year we completed a full estimate on the formwork, reinforcement and concrete package of this beautiful apartment project in Miranda, South Sydney. While the curved design adds to the complexity of construction it makes a statement and these apartments definitely stand out from the crowd.

West Gosford Shopping Centre completed project

PROJECT: West Gosford Shopping Centre

TRADE: Tiling


We’re currently working through the measure of a tiling, waterproofing & stone cladding package at the West Gosford Village Shopping Centre project. This project involves works to several sections of the shopping centre and we’re able to assist our client with separate quantities for each section. This is useful in providing a thorough and detailed tender but also comes in handy during construction to put together progress claims and track budgets along the way.

If you’re struggling to use your estimates once you’ve won the job, please get in touch, we’re always happy to help. 

Treehouse Apartments completed project

PROJECT: Treehouse Apartments

TRADE: Blockwork

LOCATION: Jolimont, WA

We love to see completed projects a few months after submitting our work and this one has come up a treat. We assisted our client with a blockwork & brickwork measure for this beautiful project in West End last year. This is a great addition to the South Brisbane skyline.

Redcliffe, Brisbane completed project

PROJECT: Redcliffe, Brisbane

TRADE: Formwork


We’re currently working through an estimate on the formwork package on this development in Redcliffe, Brisbane. A twin tower development located right on the beach!

Victoria Cross Station - Overstation Development completed project

PROJECT: Victoria Cross Station – Overstation Development

TRADE: Cladding

LOCATION: Miller St, North Sydney

We recently completed a measure of the external facade works on the Victoria Cross over station development in the heart of Sydney, just one of several projects we’ve worked on as part of the Sydney Metro development. After completing an early measure at the preliminary stage, it’s great to see a more detailed design come through allowing us to provide much more detailed quantities on this large scope of works. 

Stockland Shopping Centre Cairns completed project

PROJECT: Stockland Shopping Centre Cairns

TRADE: Painting

LOCATION: Earlville, QLD

We’re currently working through a painting tender at the Stockland Shopping Centre in Cairns as part of the major refurbishment works to the carpark, food court and terrace.

While refurbishment works can often look straight forward, these kinds of projects post unique challenges in such public environments and require a higher level of thinking than simply quantifying the areas requiring paint. Thankfully we’ve worked on plenty of jobs like this and utilise our team’s experience to provide recommendations to our clients as part of our service.

Sunnybank Townhouses completed project

PROJECT: Sunnybank Townhouses

TRADE: Blockwork

LOCATION: Sunnybank, QLD

Safe to say we see plenty of townhouses come through our door but not many as striking as this project in Sunnybank, Brisbane. A really clever use of glass, precast concrete and timber screens to provide a truly unique facade.

Conjola Park Residence completed project

PROJECT: Conjola Park Residence

TRADE: Builder

LOCATION: Conjola park, NSW

We’re currently working through the full estimate of this beautiful home in Conjola Park on the NSW south coast for one of our favourite builders. The surge in residential jobs this year has been like nothing we’ve seen before. Keep them coming everyone!

Nepean Hospital Redevelopment completed project

PROJECT: Nepean Hospital Redevelopment

TRADE: Ceilings & Partitions


Last year we completed an internal fitout and cladding measure on the largest hospital development we’ve seen so far. Hospital projects always require a strong attention to detail due to their inherent complexity but this one was particularly challenging. Spread across seventeen levels and with minimal repetition this project required a huge amount of work from our team. After a big push from all involved we successfully submitted our work to our valued client allowing them sufficient time to review and piece together their tender submission. It’s a pleasure to be a small part of a project like this.

Eagle Hill Residence completed project

PROJECT: Eagle Hill Residence

TRADE: Painting


We’re currently working through the painting, rendering & linemarking measure of this beautiful home in Eagle Hill, Cairns. Its great to see construction booming throughout Australia, long may it continue!

Moonee Ponds Townhouses completed project

PROJECT: Moonee Ponds Townhouses

TRADE: Cladding

LOCATION: Moonee Ponds, Victoria

Last year we completed a full estimate on this pack of five townhouses in Moonee Ponds, Melbourne. Set over three-storeys with a mix of metal cladding, rendered finishes and feature brickwork these townhouses will really make a statement upon completion.

Coral Sea completed project

PROJECT: Coral Sea Development

TRADE: Builder

LOCATION: Airlie Beach, QLD

Another week and another beautiful home to work on, this time in Airlie Beach, Qld. It’s a pleasure to be working through a full estimate on this home.

Shell Cove Foreshore completed project

PROJECT: Shell Cove Foreshore

TRADE: Concrete


Last year we completed a full estimate on the FRP concrete package for this major development at Shell Cove on the south-coast of NSW. The TCA team worked closely with our client to ensure risks were identified and addressed while ensuring a competitive tender was submitted. Not a bad spot for a few months work

Picton Smart Hub completed project

PROJECT: Picton Smart Hub

TRADE: Builder Commercial

LOCATION: Wollondilly, NSW

We recently assisted one of our repeat clients with their tender on the Picton GPO Smart Hub refurbishment for the Wollondilly Council. We provided a full bill of quantities, estimate and complying tender proposal ready for our client to submit. 

Seachange, Scarborough completed project

PROJECT: Seachange, Scarborough

TRADE: Blockwork

LOCATION: Redcliffe, QLD

We’re currently working through the blockwork & brickwork measure on this amazing beachfront home in Scarborough. We wouldn’t mind a dip in that pool.

Botanic Apartments completed projects

PROJECT: Botanic Apartments

TRADE: Rendering


Earlier this year, we completed a measure of the rendering to this beautiful apartment project in New Farm, Brisbane. The mix of timber and rendered external finishes will look great once complete.

Barangaroo Station completed project

PROJECT: Barangaroo Station

TRADE: Landscaping


Another week and another project at Barangaroo in the heart of Sydney. This time we’re working through the landscaping package of the Barangaroo Station, a great example of community space in the heart of a major development.

East Brisbane Residence completed project

PROJECT: East Brisbane Residence

TRADE: Builder Elemental

LOCATION: East Brisbane, QLD

This beautiful home in East Brisbane landed on our desk a few months back with only preliminary design and a tight timeframe but we were happy to help. We assisted a regular client with a preliminary budget estimate to give the owner an idea of the expected costs. This information is invaluable during the design phase, to help guide further design development and give the owner an idea of how far their budget will go.

Maroochydore Retail Development completed project

PROJECT: Maroochydore Retail Development

TRADE: Cladding

LOCATION: Maroochydore, QLD

Despite the shorter weeks around Easter, jobs have continued to flow. We’re currently working on a measure of the cladding package at this new retail development on the Sunshine Coast, Qld.

Parker St, South Perth completed project

PROJECT: Parker St, South Perth

TRADE: Rendering

LOCATION: South Perth, WA

Congratulations to one of our repeat clients who recently secured the rendering package on this project in South Perth, Western Australia. We provided an initial takeoff early in the design development phase and revised our works twice through to the construction documentation. Great to see the assistance provided in the early stages paid off with the contract now secured.

WSU Bankstown City Campus completed project

PROJECT: WSU Bankstown City Campus

TRADE: Ceilings & Partitions


We’re currently working on a measure of the internal fitout works of this eye-catching building at Western Sydney Univesity Bankstown. Look at that cantilever!

Maison, Moray St completed project

PROJECT: Maison, Moray St

TRADE: Rendering


Over the past few months, we’ve measured several trades on the stunning Maison development in New Farm, Brisbane. Great to see high-end developments like this popping up in Brisbane.

Parramatta Light Rail completed project

PROJECT: Parramatta Light Rail

TRADE: Multiple Trades


We’re currently working through a multi-trade package on the Parramatta Light Rail project. Infrastructure projects have been coming through thick and fast in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane recently. A great boost to the economy!

Amersham Apartments completed project

PROJECT: Amersham Apartments

TRADE: Blockwork


We recently completed a quantity take-off of the blockwork and brickwork to this apartment project in Brisbane. A great mix of precast & off-form concrete along with blockwork & brickwork to produce a stunning architectural design.

Connection Rd, Burleigh Waters completed project

PROJECT: Connection Rd, Burleigh Waters

TRADE: Builder


We’re currently working on a full estimate for one of our regular clients on this stunning industrial development on the Gold Coast. Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a trend for high quality, mixed-use industrial developments like this.

Thornbury Townhouses completed project

PROJECT: Thornbury Townhouses

TRADE: Builder

LOCATION: Melbourne, VIC

We recently completed a full estimate on this townhouse development in Thornbury, Melbourne. These architecturally designed homes included plenty of detail but will come up great once complete.

Clear Island Waters completed project

PROJECT: Clear Island Waters

TRADE: Builder


We’re currently working on an initial feasibility budget for this beautiful waterfront home on the Gold Coast. This project involves major renovation and extension works to the existing home and we’re assisting at an early stage to determine how far the client’s budget can go.

Crown Resort Sydney completed project

PROJECT: Crown Resort Sydney

TRADE: Ceilings & Partitions


Between June 2018 and July 2020, we worked on sixteen separate projects in the Crown Resort Sydney. These varied projects included restaurant fit-outs, podium communal areas, apartments and the ultra-exclusive sky villas – some of the most expensive real estate in Australia. The intricate design throughout the project required an incredible amount of detail in our work. It was great to help our clients successfully secure several contracts for this project and a real credit to the TCA team.

Eden Academy Riverhills completed project

PROJECT: Eden Academy Riverhills

TRADE: Waterproofing


We’re currently measuring the waterproofing package at this new childcare centre in Riverhills, Brisbane. This is our first project for this subcontractor who we met through one of our long term clients. We’re so flattered when clients recommend our services and couldn’t be happier to work with this amazing client.

Wharf Street - Tweed Heads completed project

PROJECT: Wharf Street – Tweed Heads

TRADE: Ceilings & Partitions

LOCATION: Tweed Heads, NSW

We’re currently working through a full estimate on the internal fit-out works on this apartment development in Tweed Heads. Despite the uncertainty of 2020, we’ve seen continued strength in apartment developments on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW for the past 18 months.

The Bailey West End completed project

PROJECT: The Bailey West End

TRADE: Blockwork


We’re currently working through the measure of blockwork and brickwork on this beautiful apartment development in West End, Brisbane. The recent trend of feature brickwork and blockwork is evident throughout this project with hit & miss privacy screens to each level and face blockwork to the lower levels.

Ascot Residence completed project

PROJECT: Ascot Residence

TRADE: Builder


We recently completed a full estimate on this beautiful home in Ascot, Brisbane. This was the third estimate we’ve provided on the project as the design has evolved. We love assisting with the cost planning and budgeting as builders and home owners develop their concepts in to final designs. If you’re looking to renovate or build new, we can assist from an early stage to ensure your dream concepts can become reality.

Spoilbank Marina completed project

PROJECT: Spoilbank Marina

TRADE: Civil

LOCATION: Port Hedland, WA

Late last year, we provided a complete civil estimate and tender submission for the large Spoilbank Marina project at Port Headland, WA. This project included a large amount of bulk earthworks (circa 100,000m3) and a number of logistical issues to be resolved during the tender period. Despite being on the other side of the country, our team worked in conjunction with our client’s local team to assess the best solutions to site issues and provided a competitive tender proposal. We can’t wait to see this one come to life over the coming years.

Koko Molonglo completed project

PROJECT: Koko Molonglo

TRADE: Ceilings & Partitions


We’re currently working on the measure of the ceilings & partitions package of this multi-residential project in Canberra. With a tight deadline and only an early stage design, we’ve had a large team working to ensure our client provides a thorough and accurate submission.

We’ve helped identify a number of unknowns in the documentation which will be shown in the final tender to assist all parties in further design development. This is a great way to build rapport and show your expertise to improve your chances of a successful tender.

Circular Quay Tower completed project

PROJECT: Circular Quay Tower

TRADE: Ceilings & Partitions

LOCATION: George Street, Sydney

We recently completed a full internal fitout measure of the 54 storey Circular Quay Tower, developed by Lend Lease, designed by Foster and Partners and Architectusau.

With a prime position in the heart of Sydney this will be a great addition to the city skyline and offer uninterrupted views across the harbour.

Pitt Street Station Development

PROJECT: Pitt Street Overstation Development

TRADE: Cladding


We recent completed our work on revisions for the Pitt Street Over Station Development designed by world-renowned architects Foster & Partners.

Design changes are inevitable for a job of this size and importance. We’ve worked alongside our client through multiple addendums so far, helping them offer a clear and accurate tender through each step of the design process. Our client has presented a competitive quote whilst providing clarity for those involved in the project delivery.

Richard Gill School completed project

PROJECT: Richard Gill School

TRADE: Ceilings & Partitions

LOCATION: Muswellbrook NSW

PROJECT WIN! Another win for our long term client. We snuck this one in just before the Christmas shutdown and it’s great to see their team having a busy start to the year

Lakes Centre Caboolture completed project

PROJECT: Lakes Centre Caboolture

TRADE: Builder

LOCATION: Caboolture, QLD

Congratulations to our valued clients on their appointment as Principal Contractor on 10 King Street, Caboolture.

Our team worked seamlessly with their in-house estimators to win this job. This is our second project win for this client on King Street in the past few months and we look forward to our next project with them.

PROJECT: Honu Moffat Beach

TRADE: Rendering

LOCATION: Moffat Beach, QLD

We recently measured the rendering on this stunning apartment project designed by Joe Adsett Architects. We’re loving the curves on what will be a standout project at Moffat Beach on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

PROJECT: Cleveland Apartments

TRADE: Builder

LOCATION: Cleveland, QLD

It’s not all skyscrapers and casinos. We love working on both residential and commercial projects of all sizes. This is an apartment development in Cleveland, Brisbane made up of twenty-three units split across three buildings providing specialist disability accommodation.

We’ll be completing a full measure and estimate of all trades for one of our favourite builders. It’s great to see so much NDIS funded development lately.

Queens Wharf Brisbane completed project

PROJECT: Queens Wharf Brisbane

TRADE: Concrete


This one was huge! With over 5000 drawings to run through and spread across a huge block of the Brisbane CBD this will be an iconic project for our hometown.

We assisted our client with a full concrete, reinforcement, formwork and precast measure. We can assure you, after the six-year construction period this will look great.

The Royal Randwick Racecourse completed project

PROJECT: The Royal Randwick Racecourse

TRADE: Ceilings and Partitions


Right out of the gate in 2021, we’re measuring the new Winx Stand at The Royal Randwick Racecourse

We’ll be completing all ceilings & partitions including a full internal fitout and carpentry scope of works.