Frequently asked questions

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Yes. Whether you’re renovating a house or developing a community, we love working with developers and builders of all sizes.
We work across all trades for subcontractors, builders and developers throughout Australia.
We look after all corners of the construction industry from small residential houses to large commercial buildings. Whether you’re a small owner-operator or a multi-national corporation, we’ve got you covered.
We’ll provide you with a Bill of Quantities, either rated or unrated, along with a full set of marked-up drawings for each element of the project.
As every jobs is different we’ll provide a quote and estimated delivery date for your approval prior to commencing any work. Revisions, delays or developments throughout the job will be discussed in detail if the cost or delivery date might change.
Our standard turnaround time is five business days from approval for single trade work and ten business days for head contractors/builders. This may vary slightly during peak periods or on very large projects but an expected turnaround time will always be listed on our quote prior to approval.
You can email them to projects@tcaestimating.com.au, share them via dropbox, google drive or simply forward the email link from your client. We’re also happy to login to your Aconex, BidContender or EstimateOne account to access them.
Yes. We can apply industry standard rates specific to the state with additional allowances made for regional projects.
We often complete estimates based on a concept or early-stage design work and have many options available to manage costs during the early phase of the project.
We’ve completed projects in metropolitan and rural areas across all states and territories of Australia.
We use a variety of leading estimating software and can either import our work into the software you use or in most instances work within your software to produce our work. If you have specific requirements please give us a call to discuss.
Every job we receive is completed by a team of qualified professionals and following that, goes through our Quality Assurance, Three Point Check System prior to being released to our client. In simple terms, we employ qualified people and we triple check our work.

Some estimating companies rely purely on software to automate their measuring process, however as many items are often open to interpretation, this can be an inaccurate and subsequently costly process for the client. Whilst we utilise professional software, we ensure our team of professionals manage our jobs to minimise error.

We of course recommend that you always review your completed job to ensure there are no further revisions or queries prior to submission.
Yes, we’ve built our Bill of Quantities to allow full customisation. You can easily change descriptions, quantities, rates and margins and even apply subcontractor & supplier pricing to override what we’ve allowed. If you’re unsure we’re happy to talk you through this process.
Yes, you will be assigned a contact for every project and we encourage you to ask as many questions as you like during and after our work is completed. We find a 10-15 minute zoom call to run through our estimate is a great way to fully understand what we’ve allowed. We’re always happy to help so please don’t hesitate to ask at any time.