Neerabup Industrial completed project

PROJECT: Neerabup Industrial

TRADE: Builder (Commercial)⁠

LOCATION: Neerabup, WA⁠

Our final project showcase of the year is a recent industrial development just north of Perth. We understand pricing across the country varies dramatically and therefore use separate pricing for each state. With recent price movements, we spend a lot of time updating our rates and it was great to hear feedback from our client on the accurate pricing of this project.

Mitchelton Residence⁠ completed project

PROJECT: Mitchelton Residence⁠

TRADE: Builder (Residential)⁠

LOCATION: Brisbane, QLD⁠

Being based in Brisbane we love a bit of weatherboard and a shaded front deck like this beautiful little home in Mitchelton we recently complete an estimate on for a long-term client.

Florence St, Teneriffe⁠ completed project

PROJECT: Florence St, Teneriffe⁠

TRADE: Ceilings & Partitions⁠

LOCATION: Teneriffe, QLD⁠

We recently completed a detailed estimate on the ceilings & partitions package for these stunning apartments in Teneriffe, Brisbane. We’ve worked with a number of C&P contractors for many years and developed our processes with them. Whether you’re a residential plasterer or a tier 1 C&P subby, we’d love to help out.

CODA Coffs Harbour⁠ completed project

PROJECT: CODA Coffs Harbour⁠

TRADE: Blockwork⁠

LOCATION: Coffs Harbour, NSW⁠

We recently had the pleasure of measuring the brickwork and blockwork on this unique development for one of our repeat clients. We love the use of greenery on the building facade to complement the detailed brickwork podium.

Beenleigh Special School completed project

PROJECT: Beenleigh Special School

TRADE: Ceilings & Partitions

LOCATION: Mount Warren Park, QLD

We work for a wide variety of clients throughout Australia including a number of subcontractors. We understand the details required at a subby level differ from those needed by a head contractor and have developed processes alongside some of Australia’s best concreters, blocklayers, tilers and many more.

Ormiston Residence⁠ completed project

PROJECT: Ormiston Residence⁠

TRADE: Builder (Residential)⁠


We’d love to take a dip in this pool right about now!

Dickson Village Shopping Centre⁠ completed project

PROJECT: Dickson Village Shopping Centre⁠

TRADE: Tiling⁠


We recently completed a takeoff of the tiling and waterproofing package to the Dickson Village Shopping Centre in Canberra for one of our repeat clients. If you’re a tiling contractor and struggling to keep up with your estimating give us a shout, we’d love to help.

Templestowe Residence⁠ completed projects

PROJECT: Templestowe Residence⁠

TRADE: Builder (Residential)

LOCATION: Templestowe, VIC⁠

Earlier this year we completed an estimate on this beautiful home in Templestowe, Melbourne. We love the grand arches and stone cladding in this unique, high-end design.

Victoria Point Apartments⁠ completed project

PROJECT: Victoria Point Apartments⁠

TRADE: Formwork


We recently completed a takeoff of the formwork on this beatiful apartment building in Victoria Point, Brisbane. We’ve worked alongside our client for a couple of years, tweaking our process along the way and helping them win multiple projects.

The Twin completed project


TRADE: Builder


Two identical homes side by side makes our life much easier!

Mansfield Residence completed projects

PROJECT: Mansfield Residence

TRADE: Builder

LOCATION: Mansfield, QLD

We’re often asked what we need to provide an estimate and our answer is always “As much design as you have”. The more design you have the more accurate we can make the estimate but we understand you don’t want to spend thousands before finding your design is way over budget. ⁠

We often work on an estimate multiple times as the design evolves and can assist with budgeting options along the way. If you’re early in the building process and need help with your budget please get in touch, we’d love to help out.

Lane Cove Public School completed projects

PROJECT: Lane Cove Public School

TRADE: Ceilings & Partitions


Earlier in the year we completed a measure of the ceilings & partitions package to the Lane Cove Public School auditorium in Sydney. We’re loving the unique design with the large counter-levered roof and seamless transition between internal and external through the large facade opening.

Bella Vista Project

PROJECT: Bella Vista Project

TRADE: Builder


We understand that even the best estimators and QSs are human beings which is why we have a thorough three-point checking system before our work is submitted. Every job will have multiple sets of eyes across it before you see it. This ensures we screen out any ambiguities or issues with our work and identify grey areas in the design before you go to contract. This extra time spent at the start can save you a whole lot of hassle later on.

Glenelg Townhomes

PROJECT: Glenelg Townhomes

TRADE: Builder


We work on projects throughout Australia and have seen strong demand from the Adelaide market over the past few months. We’re loving the sophisticated feel of these three-storey townhomes in Glenelg. With a location only metres from the beach and beautiful finishes throughout this is definitely one of our favourites.

Byron Bay Residence completed project

PROJECT: Byron Bay Residence

TRADE: Builder


Lots of people ask if we work on residential projects as well as commercial and the answer is an emphatic yes! We love working with residential builders on beautiful new homes, renovations and extensions throughout Australia. While it may be a stressful time for builders, we can help ease the workload. If you’re a residential builder in need of estimating help, please get in touch, we’d love to help out.

Burleigh Renovation⁠

PROJECT: Burleigh Renovation⁠

TRADE: Builder (Renovation)

LOCATION: Gold Coast⁠

A few months ago, we completed an estimate on this residential renovation for one of our regular clients on the Gold Coast. We work through these types of projects every week giving our team a great understanding of the intricacies required when working around an existing home. ⁠

The Bailey West End completed project

PROJECT: The Bailey West End

TRADE: Blockwork


We’re currently working through the measure of blockwork and brickwork on this beautiful apartment development in West End, Brisbane. The recent trend of feature brickwork and blockwork is evident throughout this project with hit & miss privacy screens to each level and face blockwork to the lower levels.

Ascot Residence completed project

PROJECT: Ascot Residence

TRADE: Builder


We recently completed a full estimate on this beautiful home in Ascot, Brisbane. This was the third estimate we’ve provided on the project as the design has evolved. We love assisting with the cost planning and budgeting as builders and home owners develop their concepts in to final designs. If you’re looking to renovate or build new, we can assist from an early stage to ensure your dream concepts can become reality.