Byron Bay Residence completed project

PROJECT: Byron Bay Residence

TRADE: Builder


Lots of people ask if we work on residential projects as well as commercial and the answer is an emphatic yes! We love working with residential builders on beautiful new homes, renovations and extensions throughout Australia. While it may be a stressful time for builders, we can help ease the workload. If you’re a residential builder in need of estimating help, please get in touch, we’d love to help out.

Weipa Airport completed projects

PROJECT: Weipa Airport

TRADE: Painting


We work on projects in all corners of Australia including a recent painting measure to this airport project in Weipa in far north Queensland. Just a 10 hour drive north of Cairns!

Athena Residences completed project

PROJECT: Athena Residences

TRADE: Ceilings & Partitions

LOCATION: Hope Island, QLD

It sure is busy out there! We’ve recently worked on this Gold Coast apartment project for several of our favourite clients including the formwork, electrical, ceilings & partitions and carpentry packages. Working across several trades gives us insight from different perspectives and helps improve each of our client’s tender submissions.

Terrigal Apartments completed project

PROJECT: Terrigal Apartments

TRADE: Blockwork


As well as builders and developers, we work for a large group of subcontractors with one of our most popular trades being blockwork & brickwork. Over the past eight years, we’ve measured/estimated hundreds of blockwork & brickwork projects and built our knowledge through collaboration with some of the best blockies in the business. If you’re a block layer swamped with opportunities but not enough time in the day to quote them, please get in touch, we’d love to help you out.

Chermside Apartments completed project

PROJECT: Chermside Apartments

TRADE: Formwork

LOCATION: Chermside, QLD

We recently completed a measure of the formwork on this two tower development in Chermside, Brisbane. While the building may look simple, the slab designs included a lot of detail. Thankfully we’ve worked with our client on a number of complex jobs like this to ensure we’re all on the same page when things get crazy! If you’re in need of estimating help please get in touch, we’d love to help you out.

South Windsor Enterprise Park completed project

PROJECT: South Windsor Enterprise Park

TRADE: Builder

LOCATION: South Windsor, CT

We recently completed a Bill of Quantities for one of our valued developer clients in Sydney. As the design has developed, multiple versions of our work have been completed to assist with cost management throughout the pre-construction process.

Nightingale Bowden completed project

PROJECT: Nightingale Bowden

TRADE: Ceilings & Partitions


We recently completed a measure of the ceilings & partitions package at this project in Bowden, South Australia developed by Nightingale Housing. All apartments sold by Nightingale will be at cost, with no profit retained by the developer. This development is a small part in the transformation of Bowden from a former manufacturing and industrial area into a sustainable, walkable, transit-oriented neighbourhood that is financially accessible to Adelaide’s growing population.

Perth Airport completed project

PROJECT: Perth Airport

TRADE: Painting


We recently completed a measure of the painting works at this Perth Airport project. We work for builders & subcontractors of all sizes and this project is for one of our tier 1 subcontractor clients that have in-house estimating but utilize our service when their team is swamped. If your estimating team is struggling to keep up, get in touch, we’d love to help manage their workload during these busy times.

Carlingford Residence completed project

PROJECT: Carlingford Residence

TRADE: Builder

LOCATION: Carlingford, NSW

While the big commercial jobs are great to be a part of, we do plenty of work for residential builders too. With the boom in house building over the past twelve months, it’s never been more important to know the numbers behind your quote. If you’re a residential builder in need of some estimating help, we’d love to help you out. 

The Wheelhouse completed project

PROJECT: The Wheelhouse

TRADE: Blockwork

LOCATION: Safety Beach, VIC

We recently complete a measure of the brickwork and blockwork on this beautiful waterfront project in Safety Beach, Victoria. Another job we can’t wait to see completed.

Dwell Newstead complete project

PROJECT: Dwell Newstead

TRADE: Formwork


We’re currently working through a measure of the formwork package on this two tower apartment development in the heart of Newstead, Brisbane. We’ve measured countless towers in the Newstead area over the years and this will be a great addition to the skyline.

Sunshine Coast Residence completed project

PROJECT: Sunshine Coast Residence

TRADE: Builder


Late last year, we completed an estimate on this beautiful residence on the Sunshine Coast. With ever rising prices builders are justifiably nervous about estimating new work at the moment but with constantly updated pricing and insight into the next few months of increases we’re here to help you navigate these crazy times.

Wearne Heritage Building completed project

PROJECT: Wearne Heritage Building

TRADE: Painting

LOCATION: Cottesloe, WA

Late last year, we completed the painting & rendering measure of the Wearne Cottesloe development in Perth which consisted of 20 deluxe retirement residences along with a 128-bed residential aged care facility. We’re now working through the make good works of the adjacent heritage building as the final stage of the development.

Calypso Canberra completed project

PROJECT: Calypso Canberra

TRADE: Tiling


Late last year, we completed a large tiling measure on this apartment development in Canberra. The marked up drawings included with all of our jobs assist clients with their project management to ensure the specified products and finishes are clear to the whole project team.

Gold Coast Apartments completed project

PROJECT: Gold Coast Apartments

TRADE: Bulider Elemental

LOCATION: Surfer’s Paradise, QLD

We’re currently working through a preliminary budget on this sixteen storey apartment development on the Gold Coast. With the design at an early stage, we’re providing a simple estimate with more detail to be added once the design progresses. This is a great option for developers early in the project cycle to give an understanding of feasibility and guide further design. If you’re a developer looking for assistance on projects of any size please get in touch, we’d love to help you out.