TCA regularly works with a large variety of developers across Australia, providing assistance throughout the project cycle from initial concept through to completion. Whether you’re looking to develop a family home or a complete community we’d love to help out. 

Services we provide to developers:

  • Preliminary budget estimates

  • Fully detailed estimates or BOQ quantities only

  • Value Management

  • Progress Claim Reports

  • Programming & scheduling

  • Project feasibility assistance

TCA Estimating: Professional Construction Estimating Services

One of the main issues faced by small to medium-sized construction companies is the effective estimation of materials and costs involved in a project. Missing something in this crucial early stage of a project can have a massive impact on the bottom line. Making use of professional construction estimating services is crucial in helping you complete your projects successfully and profitably.

Construction estimating is a notoriously difficult undertaking. There are so many factors that need to be taken into account that the process can be quite overwhelming for the inexperienced and end up costing you money – lots of it. Ensuring that each variable, from material and cost projections to staff costs and time on site, is effectively accounted for is often the difference between success and failure.

What You Should Know About Construction Estimation Service

Building estimating involves the initial estimation of materials, equipment, labour, and time that a project is likely to require. The more accurate your initial estimation, the more effectively you can quote, and the more profitable your project is likely to be.

  • A professionally drawn up and calculated building estimate will increase your chances of handing in a successful bid. The more accurate your estimate, the more effectively you will be able to account for the materials, labour, equipment, time on site, and the associated costs, allowing you to bid more profitably.
  • Small to medium-sized building and construction companies often struggle with accurate building estimates since employing full-time estimators is not cheap. Contracting a professional building estimation company can save you significant money over the long run.
  • Making use of a professional building estimation company assures you of the most accurate estimations. With checks and balances built into the system, you can rest assured that we check and double-check your estimate before handing it over to you.

What Sets TCA Estimating Apart Regarding Construction Estimation in Australia

We have extensive experience in estimating across numerous trades, from small residential projects to large commercial and industrial projects. Our team consists of 36 hand-picked and dedicated industry professionals.

  • There is no job too big or too small. Regardless of the size and scope of your projects, we will provide you with comprehensive estimation services of the highest accuracy. Whether you are a one-man building contractor or a large multi-national company, our team will work closely with you to help ensure the success of your project.
  • We have the systems and procedures in place to ensure that your estimate is as accurate and comprehensive as it can be. Once your estimate is complete, it is thoroughly and independently checked and reviewed by at least two of our estimating professionals. This process means that by the time you receive your estimate, we have compiled, calculated, checked, and double-checked it.
  • Our comprehensive estimates take into account all cost planning, feasibility studies, tender analysis, value management, claim and variation assessments, and cash flow forecasting, ensuring that we overlook nothing.

About TCA Estimating

We are one of Brisbane’s top building and construction estimating service providers, having successfully completed over 4000 projects across Australia over the years.

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